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Hello! How are you?

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Thank you for visiting our store, we confess we're newbies here launching our first product the Coffee Roasting Set. Watch this space, theres lots more to come!

How did we get here? Great question. We wonder the same ourselves sometimes.


We're a husband and wife duo from Cardiff, Wales. Never content with the ordinary, we have 'squirrelled' away every penny we could for years to satisfy our wanderlust, exploring more of the world and absorbing all the weird and wonderful cultures and traditions this planet has to offer. What we have always received in return is inspiration to bring back a tiny slice of our experiences and a drive to explore more!


Deeply touched by and spent years within the mental health field, we are dedicated to improving the mental wellbeing of those we come into contact with. Our products intend to be mindful, to assist in helping those who receive them to slow down and savour being engrossed within their chosen activity, who knows, it may just blossom into a new hobby; one 'little' step at a time, practiced 'often' and held, 'always'.

Unique, Mindfull and Fun! 

How would we describe our products in 3 words?

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